Krishna Maniac – Our Complete Collection of Krishna Thematic Story, Activity, Colouring Books & Masks


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List of Krishna Maniac – Our Complete Collection of Krishna Thematic Story,Activity, Coluring Books & Masks

PASTM-E024 C1. QR based animated book – The Divine names of Lord Krishna
PASTM-E018 C2. Kusumsarovar
MORAL-E008 C3. Guru Parampara Stories
ACTVT-E002 A1. Krishna Lila Colouring Book
ACTVT-E004 A2. Lord’s Names Colouring Book
ACTVT-E005 A3. Stepping Stones Activity & Colouring Book
ACTVT-E008 A4. Andal Thiruppaavai Activity & Colouring Book
PASTM-E003 B1. Krishna tricks back Brahma
PASTM-E004 B2. Damodara – the butter thief
PASTM-E006 B3. Krishna and the fruit vendor
PASTM-E007 B4. Govardhan – Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill
PASTM-E008 B5. Kaliya Krishna – adventure with the poisonous serpent Kalinga
PASTM-E009 B6. Kuvalaiyapida – Krishna’s pastime with the demonic elephant
PASTM-E011 B7. Putana – How Krishna tackled the boochaandi girl
PASTM-E013 B8. Rukmini Kalyanam – An abduction for a happy ending
PASTM-E014 B9. The story of the Syamantaka Jewel – Pastimes with the Jumbo Jaambavan
PASTM-E015 B10. The Story of Taalavan – Krishna Balarama Brothers with the demon Denukashura
PASTM-E019 B11. Krishna with the deadly bird Bakasura
PRSNL-E011 B12. Tale of two friends – Krishna with Sudama (Kuchela)
PLACE-E002 B13. Khira Chora Gopinath – How Krishna stole the Khira & our hearts
PASTM-E001 Lord Krishna’s Advent and Pastimes (Part 1)
PASTM-E002 Lord Krishna’s Dwarak Lila (Advent and Pastimes – Part 2)
PLACE-E001 Alarnath
PLACE-E002 Gopinath
PLACE-E003 Jagannath
PLACE-E004 Sakshi Gopal
PLACE-E005 Sri Radha Madan Mohan
PLACE-E006 Sri Radha Raman

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