Are We An NGO/Non-Profit/LLP?

We run a small-scale lean manufacturing operation, coupled with an operations wing. We also work with many individuals contractually to help fulfill the last-hop of service delivery. There is also a growing interest in volunteers that help our cause. We are neither a non-profit, nor an NGO, nor a government affiliate in any way. We do all of this as a regular One-Person company.

What Are We Exactly Doing?

We’re bringing local awareness, at global standards. We are merely rejuvenating interest in local customs, traditions, and a simpler way of life. Some of the activities we do are publish booklets, offer contact classes, distribute nutritious food, organize fun activities, and the like.

What is Our Mission Statement?

Our mission is to educate. It is to complement all the different stimuli a learner is currently receiving, and help them assimilate information, sans conflict.

Whose Vision Is It To Do This?

Everybody’s. You would like to educate people. We would like to educate people. Our parents struggled to get us educated. All throughout history, many women and men have contributed a vast repertoire of knowledge to help educate the masses. We’re just diverting a tiny fraction of this cognitive surplus to reach an appropriate audience – young kids in rural areas.

Why Are We Doing This?

There is a need for learning from our past. It has the potential to impact our social, and spiritual well-being.

Who Are We Impacting?

A young, Indian audience. Not many have access to engaging resources to learn about their history, age-old traditions, and customs of their ancestors. Worse still, they are being exposed to misinformation. Other people can benefit from these efforts too, but their mileage may vary.
About Us