Preventive & AYUSH recommended


Includes Panchagavya extracts


Oral & external hygiene

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम्
(A body is the sole means to perform Dharma)

pracharam.in is the doorway to Dharma. We’re happy to present our AYODHYA (AYurveda Organic Daily HYgiene Accessory) kit. It contains a set of items carefully curated by ayurveda practitioners. Based exclusively on prophylactic measures that are timeless (Ayurveda Shastra) and contemporary (AYUSH ministry recommended) – this unique kit is aimed at helping provide preventive care to those who seek it.

நோய் நாடி நோய் முதல் நாடி அது தணிக்கும் வாய் நாடி வாய்ப்பச் செயல் – திருக்குறள்


AYurveda Organic Daily HYgiene Accessories

Indian Ayurvedic dietary supplement called Chyawanprash / chyavanaprasha  is a cooked mixture of sugar, honey, ghee, Indian Gooseberry (amla), jam, sesame oil, berries, herbs and various spices

Basic Kit includes


  1. Sudharshana (Tablet)
  2. Guduchi (Herbal Stem)
  3. Ashwagandha (Tablet)
  4. Aparajitha Dhoopam (Fumigant)

Arogya (Personal Hygiene)

  1. Herbal hand sanitiser (pocket pack)
  2. Herbal roll-on

Advanced Kit includes

Everything in Basic Kit (higher
denominations) and

  1. Anu Tailam
  2. Triphala Churnam (Gargling)

We’re integrating these AYODHYA kits with our existing supply chain of books and multimedia. This will enable us to reach you in any corner of the world to provide you with the best preventive care for common ailments, and the most hygienic practices.

Kit shipment starts from August 05 2020, from the auspicious day of Bhumi Puja of Sri Ram Mandir at Sri AYODHYA 🙏🏾

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AYurveda Organic Daily HYgiene Accessories

As a start, we would like to provide these kits to 108 families, who are currently serving full-time at temples, ashrams, mathams, patasalas, and goshalas located in rural areas. There is an urgent need for preventive care in these areas and procurement and pecuniary problems are posing a risk to the health of those who are in service.

One kind submission to like-minded dharmikas – if you’re interested in joining us in this effort to extend your help to families serving in rural areas, you may make a donation. Each kit is priced at Rs. 500. It will help immensely by providing a means to help those who are in desperate need.

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For further information, you may please reach us at: WhatsApp: https://wa.me/919655219245 | Phone: +91-9655219245 | Email: do@pracharam.in