Our pracharam.in team strongly believe that making an impression early in life will have a lasting impact on children forever. We are proud to present the first book in our #TeachingToddlers series. This “Dashavatara” is a board book (child friendly thick board material for durability) for teaching young children, the glories of the ten incarnations of Lord Sriman Narayana. With vivid illustrations, bold fonts, and big pages, this book is a great way to introduce young ones to the world of Sanatana Dharma.

Note for delivery :

1. Shipping cost included

2. For bulk/International orders (delivery outside India), please email do@pracharam.in or Whatsapp us +919655219245

3. If you are willing to sponsor these books for children at village community and schools through our outreach programs, please mention in the order form or do contact us.

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