Sri Rama Navami 2022

Namaste ! Jai Sri Ram !

Lord Sri Ram is the symbol of righteousness. Everyone in His “Sri Rama Rajyam” lived in harmony with a peaceful life. The life and message of Sri Rama needs to be spread across across India, particularly to the young audience. Given the problems like Covid-19 that the World is facing today, we need to equip and prepare our children to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Educating Children on the role & importance of a leading a simple life with ethics, values, personal hygiene are much more essential. Rural communities are vulnerable and they need this education and awareness than any others. It is evident that in times like Covid-19, they are ones to get affected first.

Our has been successful for past 4 years in educating the rural Children on various life skills. A sustainable self-reliant model of living has to be introduced to them.

For this Sri Rama Navami, we intend to distribute & propagate “Ramayanam”. A separate “Sri Ramayanam” story book suitable for the rural children in simple Tamil with colourful illustrations is to be published. We also intend to reprint our existing activity & colouring books on Sri Ramayana.

We hope such learning materials imbibe the ancient Indian cultural values & traditions among rural Children. Through Ramayana, we wish to educate and empower them which acts as a base for their overall self-reliance and survival that paves way for a holistic lifestyle!

Beginning this April 2022, we intend to travel across villages rural Tamilnadu to spread these messages. For accomplishing our this goal, we need your support for covering the charges for artists for their illustrations, printing& publishing, distribution of the book etc.,

Do contact us for any further info. Email do at pracharam dot in. Call us on +91-96552192 four 5.

Thanks for your support!