Is Bhakthi needed for 21st century kids ??

Why should we raise spiritually aware children? Generation Alpha. This is what children born after 2010 (until 2025) are called. The true inhabitants of the 21st Century, Generation Alpha, …

Importance of Katha

Our mind often behaves like a baby monkey. Restless by nature, it jumps from one branch (thoughts) to another in the span of a few seconds. With such a …

Sri Ramayana Navaham

This Chaitra Navaratri, let your children soak in the divine bliss of Lord Rama at patashala’s 9 d ay virtual workshop “Sri Ramayana Navaaham“ Chaitra masa, the first month …

Sri Govardhan Puja 2019

Let your child colour the image, also draw the missing objects/people 😉 and write his/her name, age and residing city in the image.

Inspiring Devotee Couples (Ashtalakshmi Book Release) சார்பாக எங்களின் அடுத்த புத்தகம், தாயார் மஹாலக்‌ஷ்மியைப் பற்றியது. Ashtalakshmi – Activity Book for Children.

Where did we celebrate Shri Jayanthi this year?

Where did we celebrate Shri Jayanthi this year? சின்னக் கண்ணன் அழைக்கிறான்! சென்ற முறை சோழங்கநல்லூர் சென்றிருந்த பொழுதே, அங்குள்ள குழந்தைகளுக்கும்

Vaikasi Visagam 2019

Yesterday we all celebrated Vaikasi-Visagam, the happy birthday of Swamy Nammazhwar. Swamy Nammazhwar was a blessed child. One who discovered Bhakti at a very young age.