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“Are you willing to do it in a school in a Tribal area”
This question from a friend and well-wisher prompted this post. TL;DR – Yes, of course!

Now for the full story – as far as spiritual growth goes, every place is the same. There is no access to traditional knowledge anywhere.

In urban centers, distractions abound children. Their mental quotient is consumed by the demands of competition. Kids, and parents always seem to be in a hurry. There is very little scope for leisure. Experimental learning from surroundings is nearly absent.

In rural areas, access to quality content is an issue. Gone are the times when apprenticeship was encouraged. Anecdotal learning from elders kept the knowledge-chain alive. History, pragmatic practices, intuition, and common sense are slowly giving way to sloppy work-ethic.

Sub-urban centers are stuck. And there they remain! Neither embracing the reaching pulse of modernity, nor being able to slip into older ways.

Our goal with is to enable global standards of learning for local content. It is to help bridge both worlds. Of modern learning methods, and ancient wisdom.

We love to tailor content from individual and remote areas and bring them alive in the minds of people there. India is a country rich in heritage. No matter where we go, people can identify themselves with spiritual practices. This unifies us all.

Tribal centers are an eye opener for us in terms of lifestyle choices. Urban centers and their teaching/learning mechanisms help us establish new frames of reference that make ancient wisdom more palatable.

We welcome involvement from any spectrum as an audience. There is a lot for us to learn, and possibly a thing or two for us to teach as well.

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