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Yesterday we all celebrated Vaikasi-Visagam, the happy birthday of Swamy Nammazhwar. Swamy Nammazhwar was a blessed child. One who discovered Bhakti at a very young age. His devotion, sincerity, single-minded focus, and expression in the form of timeless poetry continues to be special to us.

Today, we are sharing pictures from a recent camp we conducted in Chennai. In this camp also we found many blessed children. Their spontaneity and involvement is an inspiration to us. Their innocence, devotion, and sincerity makes us believe that the future is bright for Sanatana Dharma! All these kutti ‘Nammazhwars’ and ‘Andals’ will definitely blossom into mature devotees as they grow up.

This camp would not be possible without the help and support of:

  1. Karthik Ravi
    for graciously accepting to provide the space and handling logistics.
  2. Vijayalakshmi Sundararajan
    for coordinating the whole event, conducting various sessions, gathering the kids. A 1-woman-army!
  3. Pathway Productions LLP
    for technology and support.
  4. Veeraraghavan Sampath
    Our pranams to you all🙏