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This is an opportunity for people of our sampradayam to come together as a group. We all need to unite in spreading the message of Swamy Ramanuja. We are doing it by reciting pasurams at home. We are doing it by participating in local temples. Can we do it by distributing a book about his life and glories to everyone ? This is the initiative that is trying to promote. Everyone is prepared to involve if we ask for money. This time, you are giving money, but you are getting a responsibility in turn. Are you willing to take up the task of distributing Swamy Ramanuja books?

This book is meant for early learners. Every person – young and old have to be educated about the life history of Swamy Ramanuja. There can be no greater gift than the knowledge of His life and mission. He lived for all of us. He sacrificed greatly for our sake. He conducted himself impeccably. Why? So that more people become realized and elevated souls. By distributing this book, everyone can help participate in spreading the message.

Swamy Ramanuja stood for an inclusive tradition. He wanted everyone to be part of the Sri Vaishnava fold. He did not turn anyone away. He worked along with people from every caste, every creed, every gender, and every economic standing. He broke all the barriers that were in place between people and divinity. He fought long and hard to establish a spiritual practice that also accommodated social equality. He fought for the true essence of the Vedanta to be spread. He struggled for everyone to accept his methods. He willed to go to the deepest hells, if it meant that one more person would come out and realize the beauty of the Lord’s mercy! Such was the greatness of Swamy Ramanuja.

This story needs to be told. This story needs to be shouted from the rooftops. This story needs to spread. It needs to spread today! So, please participate in this drive and help give away these books to someone of your choice. To order,