Sri Ramayana (Navaaham) Online Workshop Summer 2021

Sri Ramayana Thematic 9 day (Navaaham) workshop for Children

April 03, 2021 (Saturday) – April 11, 2021 (Sunday)
Batch 01 – Kishkintha  – Age 7 & below  (Registrations Closed)
Daily 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM IST

Batch 02: Mahendragiri – Age 8 & above (Registrations Closed)
Daily 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM IST

April 13, 2021 (Tuesday) – April 21, 2021 (Wednesday)
Batch 03 – Ram Setu  – Age 7 & below. Daily 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM IST

Batch 04: Rishyamukha – Age 8 & above. Daily 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM IST

Note: Please be prepared and accommodative to start/end the class before/after 30 mins than scheduled.

This is an early bird offer.

$50 for entire 9 days online workshop including our Sri Ramayana based Story & Activity Books that will be shipped to your address.

Note : We have limited seats available. So, please register earlier so as to make sure the books reach you on time.

Registration Closed


The cost includes additional online assessments, downloads during & after the online class details of which will be sent after your registration. Recordings of the live sessions will be made available to enhance the learning experience of the Child and also to cover up the missed classes under unforeseen circumstances.

Duration: 9 days (an hour each day)

Traditionally, it is a devotional practice that Sri Ramayana is recited & experienced over a 9 day period which is referred as “Navaaham”. During the one hour intense learning session, we wish to facilitate & provide the same rich experience to our Children using modern tools.

Note: Additional assessments & offline activities are to be done after the online class.


The primary aim of our patshala team is to inculcate Bhakthi & cultural values among Children. We publish books in English & Tamil, conduct workshops for both urban & rural Children which helps in their daily spiritual progress.


To immerse in a devotional experience, our holistic approach uses the right modern tools for a deep impact. Our intense classroom & online sessions are power packed with stories, illustrations, media, books, activities, colouring, bhajans in a fun & interactive way that appeals the 21st century kids.


Recommended age: 5 to 13
Parents may accompany the children below 5 years.

Note: Through this workshop, we only intend to teach values & provide devotional learning experience. We understand that materialistic workshops (such as listening, writing etc) are skill based. Bhakthi is not a skill but is an individual experience. A 5 year old may know & practice devotion better than a 60 year old who may be just beginning. Little Prahalad taught Bhakthi to his father King Hiranyakashyapu. 5 year old little girl Andal (Godha) showed the World the path of devotion.

Age is no bar to learn about our traditions. Children, Teens, Youth, Adults, Thatha, Paatti – all are welcome to join 🙂

Why do you have to Pay?

The contributions & revenues made out of our paid workshops & online sale of books empower our rural education mission. It helps us to distribute free books & conduct classes for kids in villages and low income communities. The fee is also inclusive of the technology tools & resources needed to conduct the workshop.


Registration, Payment Contribution are done online using the links provided. Payment Confirmation, details of the classes & credentials will be shared to the e-mail id & cell phone number provided during the registration.

Sibling – Family member

If two immediate sibling of same family are participating, please register individually for each Child. For questions, contact us below.


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