Hanuman Bhakthi Box


Hanuman Bhakthi Box – Unbox the Hanuman thematic devotional experience for your Child(ren)

Learning kit with thematic activity materials hand-picked tools to introduce the taste of Hanuman Bhakthi to your Children


Hanuman Bhakthi Box contains :

1. Shloka sheets with QR code of audio to learn the Shloka with correct pronunciations
2. Plenty of Colouring & Activity sheets
3. Sri Rama Naama Likitham Sheet
4. Check list of devotional activities
5. Wearable Hanuman Badge
6. Jai Sri Ram Badge / Brooch
7. Hanuman doll hanger
8. Gadha Key Chain
9. 3D DIY Hanuman Paper Craft Kit
10. QR sticker with curated playlist of Shloka, Bhajan & Animation movies – Digital Content

Content Unboxing Video Link

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