Hanuman Bhakthi Box – Thematic activity box for kids


Hanuman Bhakthi Box – Unbox the Hanuman thematic devotional experience for your Child(ren)

Learning kit with thematic story, activity books & hand-picked tools to introduce the taste of Hanuman Bhakthi to your Children


Hanuman Bhakthi Box contains :

1.Illustrated Hanuman Story book based on Sri Ramayana
2. Comics book – Hanuman in Mahabharatha
3. Shloka sheets with QR code of audio to learn the Shloka with correct pronunciations
4. Plenty of Colouring & Activity sheets
5. Sri Rama Naama Likitham Sheet
6. Check list of devotional activities
7. Wearable Hanuman Badge
8. Hanuman doll hanger
9. Gadha Key Chain
10. Hanuman face mask
11. 3D DIY Hanuman Paper Craft Kit
12. QR sticker with curated playlist of Shloka, Bhajan & Animation movies – Digital Content

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